About Us

What makes us to do what we do.

Nescode foundation Trust, a non-profit, Non-Government Organization, started by a team of philanthropist, registered on 06th of February 2015, under the Indian Trust Acts’ of 1882, with the mission of helping underprivileged child for their education and health.

Our vision

Our motivation is based on one simple principle, that is, care for others just as much as you do for yourself.

What we’re about

We exist to sustain the value of human life by offering and providing humanitarian assistance, development solutions and empowerment of the whole person.

Nescode foundation is an organisation that is dedicated to helping the needy, poor and underprivileged throughout the country. We identify, assist and empower those who are in greatest need and subjected to poverty, in-humane and at risk life conditions and provides practical solutions to alleviate their affliction.