Django Training

Free Python and Django Training

At Nescode foundation, we believe in the era of digital revolution, we need to bring an amazing set of people in diverse open source community to make the social machine much more efficient.  We conduct free python and Django two day workshop for students by giving tools, resources and support.

What we do in the workshop

Each Django workshop is a free, two-day workshops about building your first application using HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, Python and Django. A typical workshops goes 8 hours per day.


During the workshops, attendees follow a tutorial written especially for this purpose with a dedicated coach to each group. The tutorial is open sourced and available for free. It covers developing a basic application from scratch, including deployment to cloud server.

The tools we recommend

We follow BYOD Principle (i.e Bring Your Own Device) where attendees need to bring their own laptop with their choice of operating system. However, we suggest attendees to use Linux operating system specially Linux Mint.

  • Operating System: Linux/Windows/OS X
  • IDE: Atom

Batch size

Ideally, we conduct workshops in a batch of 10.

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