Education in rural India: An overview.

Today NGOs and other Govt. department also struggling hard to organize the people through social mobilization process for eliciting their participation in the successful implementation of the development programs.

Rural school infrastructure

Many of the current problems in rural schools are well known. Most have inadequate infrastructure- solid walls and roof. Most do not have toilets or reliable electricity. Teaching equipment is limited to a rudimentary blackboard and chalk, and textbooks do not always reach the student on time.

Encourge children toward education

The greatest challenge for rural schools is to find ways to encourage children who are genuinely able and interested in the pursuit of academics. Such children have to depend on the single (or a small number) teacher and hope that they are both competent and kind enough to invest time in nurturing them.

Poverty a biggest factor in rural India

Other biggest challenge is the poverty and because of this several children’s are not able to manage the basic education also. They used to start working for their bread and butter since childhood. This is an effort to focus on these issues and empower the underprivileged child.

How can you participate?

Nescode foundation is a participatory project where an individual/corporate can support the primary education and health for an underprivileged child in rural area. You can support the project not only monetary wise but in several way. Drop us a line, we will get in touch with you.