29 Nov

Be helpful and contribute to society

All of us has feeling to help and contributing society. Few take a step forward and few come across with several question like how, why and when? But above all has willingness of “contribution”; which is more important. And question is why we should contribute to society? Answer is very simple – society given us an identity and structure where we grow. Not contributing to society(leeching society’s benefits) may create or amplify many negative feelings. Let’s discuss how we can initiate the contribution.


The essence of human productivity is taking one kind of good and turning it into another kind. In order to make some output, you need input. Just to give an example – take some object, move it to a more useful place, or combine it with other materials to make something. Not all of us has the access to the best inputs. To be more precise, there are not free inputs, but forward thinking people has conceptualized various social architecture which help the society at large and it works as free input. For example – public library and internet. It may seem counter-intuitive when you intend to create something out of yourself, that the first thing you need to do is take input. But the truth is that to be a producer, first you need to be a consumer. And We as a human being are born consumer.

Action and effect

If we think action and effect more precisely; we can easily understand the importance of contribution. And from that itself you will start contributing to society.

Smile and be polite

Feelings are infectious. Smile and be polite to people you meet. Success of any social architecture depends upon on simple philosophy – Give more than you take. Consider society like a sandbox and whenever you get the chance, help somebody.

Protect the weak

Helping other in terms protecting the relatively weaker section should be always in priority. And that how we build the society. It may be in a way of donating blood or sponsoring a poor child’s school fee etc.

Support cause

We need to develop a habit to support cause to make a balance in our surroundings. Why because there are so many un-invited incidence which impact the thousands of innocent. One can join a charitable trust and raise money and awareness for the cause.